Innovativ in digitaler Unternehmenskommunikation

Innovative digital corporate communication

With “NummerSicher”, the new customer magazine for Swiss insurance company Basler Versicherungen, grasundsterne demonstrates its leading role in digital corporate communication. The web magazine ...


First the idea, then the medium. A good idea doesn’t care where it can work its magic.

Corporate Publishing

Successful corporate communication requires creative journalism.


Visual Storytelling.

Cross Media

You don’t necessarily have to use every media channel; just the right ones.

  • „Linde World“ – Staff Magazine 2013

    The Linde Group – Staff Magazine

    The Linde Group, one of the world’s leading engineering companies, relies on well-informed staff. “Linde World”, the worldwide staff magazine, comprises seven local editions in German and English.

  • Basler Versicherungen – Online Customer Magazine

    Basler Versicherungen – Online Customer Magazine

    The Swiss insurance company focuses its attention on the web: the quarterly customer magazine “NummerSicher” has been published as an online magazine since April 2013.

  • SAP Spectrum – #02/2011

    SAP Spectrum – Edition #02/2011

    The iPhone, iPad and similar products are playing an increasingly important role within the business environment. That’s why SAP “Spectrum” 2/2011 takes a closer look at the topic of “mobility”.

  • ara – Shoes with Style

    ara – Shoes with Style

    More fashion. More style. ara Shoes AG is systematically pursuing its goal of rejuvenating the brand, once again showing off a fresh and surprising look at the shoe fair in Düsseldorf.

  • FTS Staff Magazine

    Fujitsu – Staff Magazine

    The corporate slogan “Shaping tomorrow with you” of Fujitsu Technology Solutions embodies the communicative direction of the magazine “rednews”.

  • HERZRASEN vs. HERZKLOPFEN: the European Championship Case

    HERZRASEN vs. HERZKLOPFEN: The European Championship Case

    A creative print product that has designers’ hearts beating a little faster. An additional extra: 10,684 fan contacts each week.

  • Kabel Deutschland – Customer Magazine

    Kabel Deutschland – Customer Magazine

    “einfach Kabel” (simply Kabel) – an appropriate name for the customer magazine of Kabel Deutschland, the largest cable television operator in Germany. It combines professionally-prepared content with classic up-selling and cross-selling offerings in a simple, down-to-earth way.

  • ista „inside“ – Edition #2/2013

    ista „inside“ – Edition #2/2013

    Edition 2/2013 focuses on water – not only the most important element for humankind, but also for ista’s line of business. The staff magazine deals with various topics, such as energy production, monitoring and water consumption, and looks at water from a surprisingly different perspective.

  • – Community Portal

    SAP – Community Portal „“

    The beginning of a new era: has a new design. But that’s not all. Together with SAP, we have developed a completely new technological foundation for the online portal.

  • INP - blau 01 | 2012

    INP – blau 01 | 2012

    The third edition of the customer magazine deals with values in a social as well as in a figurative sense. The predominantly black and gold design emphasizes the high-class, tongue-in-cheek style of the illustrations.

  • SAP Data Center: Virtual Tour

    SAP Data Center: Virtual Tour

    SAP runs the most modern data centers in the world. The fully-responsive web app designed and implemented by grasundsterne uses infographics and editorial articles to provide an informative impression of behind the scenes.

  • SAP World – Edition #03/2010

    SAP WORLD – Edition #03/2010

    The staff magazine was awarded “best staff magazine worldwide” at the Astrid Awards and received gold in the category Best of Corporate Publishing at the BCP 2011. The magazine’s aspiration is to present and explain new ideas, developments and concepts at SAP.